Estara T'shirai (estaratshirai) wrote in therustrasians,
Estara T'shirai

Nominate Embracees!

We're never gonna grow if we don't nominate some people for embraces.

Today's pick from me is

These are people, well-meaning and good I'm sure, who want to be called a "religion" and even use the term "God" in relationship to Nature...without any belief in "Gods" being distinct beings, or in the supernatural generally.

They specifically reach out to forms of "Wicca" that don't have any of that silly deity or magic stuff. (What's left? A different group of secularized holidays, plus what?)

In a related but not-quite-on rant, darn it, it should be possible for any spiritual path to define itself without negative references to other paths. If you can't do it, you're not ready yet.
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