Estara T'shirai (estaratshirai) wrote in therustrasians,
Estara T'shirai

Therustrasian Titles Awarded

We need two banners.

One for recipients of the Embrace ("Embrace of the Therustrasians"), the first of whom will be Emerald Dawn/Raven Mixup/Whatsherface. This will be awarded to unaware Therustrasians, those who live by our Paradox but have not discovered us as their Home.

Second, the Hog and a Quiche (preferably this will include a hog and a quiche) for those who show conscious Therustrasianism. The first of these will go to Mama Elfwreck for her tireless work in organizing and legitimizing Discordians. Mmmm! (HandQ recipients will hereby be titled Mama or Papa. They may then assign a random Mamas and Papas song to themselves as their official theme music if desired.)
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